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07 June 2018



class MyClass{
    String attr

class AnotherClass{

MyClass -> AnotherClass

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Use case


:Main Admin: as Admin
(Use the application) as (Use)

User -> (Start)
User --> (Use)

Admin ---> (Use)

note right of Admin : This is an example.

note right of (Use)
  A note can also
  be on several lines
end note

note "This note is connected\nto several objects." as N2
(Start) .. N2
N2 .. (Use)

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note right
Try also
<latex>P(y|\mathbf{x}) \mbox{ or } f(\mathbf{x})+\epsilon</latex>
end note

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Bob -> Alice : Can you solve: <math>ax^2+bx+c=0</math>
note left: Alice is our teacher

Alice --> Alice : <math>ax^2+bx=-c</math>
Alice --> Alice : <math>ax^2=-bx-c</math>
Alice --> Alice : <math>x^2=(-bx-c)/2</math>
Alice --> Bob: <math>x = (-b+-sqrt(b^2-4ac))/(2a)</math>

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skinparam DefaultFontSize 24
skinparam DefaultTextAlignment center

title <&caret-right> Using icons in PlantUML <&caret-left>

package "Charts <&menu>" as charts {

    file bar [


    file pie [



!define ICONURL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tupadr3/plantuml-icon-font-sprites/v1.0.0

!includeurl ICONURL/common.puml
!includeurl ICONURL/devicons/mysql.puml
!includeurl ICONURL/devicons/android.puml
!includeurl ICONURL/font-awesome/server.puml
!includeurl ICONURL/font-awesome/database.puml

title Styling example


FA_SERVER(web1,web1) #Green
FA_SERVER(web2,web2) #Yellow
FA_SERVER(web3,web3) #Blue
FA_SERVER(web4,web4) #YellowGreen

FA_DATABASE(db1,LIVE,database,white) #RoyalBlue
FA_DATABASE(db2,SPARE,database) #Red

DEV_MYSQL(db3,label of db3,database)

movil <--> web1
movil <--> web2
movil <--> web3
movil <--> web4

db1 <--> db2
db2 <--> db3

web1 <--> db1
web2 <--> db1
web3 <--> db1
web4 <--> db1



!define AWSPUML https://raw.githubusercontent.com/milo-minderbinder/AWS-PlantUML/release/18-2-22/dist

!includeurl AWSPUML/common.puml
!includeurl AWSPUML/ApplicationServices/AmazonAPIGateway/AmazonAPIGateway.puml
!includeurl AWSPUML/Compute/AWSLambda/AWSLambda.puml
!includeurl AWSPUML/Compute/AWSLambda/LambdaFunction/LambdaFunction.puml
!includeurl AWSPUML/Database/AmazonDynamoDB/AmazonDynamoDB.puml
!includeurl AWSPUML/Database/AmazonDynamoDB/table/table.puml
!includeurl AWSPUML/General/AWScloud/AWScloud.puml
!includeurl AWSPUML/General/client/client.puml
!includeurl AWSPUML/General/user/user.puml
!includeurl AWSPUML/SDKs/JavaScript/JavaScript.puml
!includeurl AWSPUML/Storage/AmazonS3/AmazonS3.puml
!includeurl AWSPUML/Storage/AmazonS3/bucket/bucket.puml

skinparam componentArrowColor Black
skinparam componentBackgroundColor White
skinparam nodeBackgroundColor White
skinparam agentBackgroundColor White
skinparam artifactBackgroundColor White



    AMAZONS3(s3) {


    AWSLAMBDA(lambda) {

    AMAZONDYNAMODB(dynamo) {

user - browser

browser -d-> site :**1a**) get\nstatic\ncontent
site ~> logs :1a
site .u.> browser :**1b**
browser - js
js -r-> comments :**2a**) get\ncomments
comments ..> js :**2b**

js -r-> api :**3**) add\ncomment

api -d-> addComments :**4**

addComments -> comments :**5**

comments ..> js :**6**) new\ncomments

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!includeurl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/RicardoNiepel/C4-PlantUML/master/C4_Container.puml

!define AzurePuml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/RicardoNiepel/Azure-PlantUML/master/dist
!includeurl AzurePuml/AzureCommon.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Databases/AzureRedisCache.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Databases/AzureCosmosDb.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Databases/AzureSqlDatabase.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Web/AzureWebApp.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Web/AzureCDN.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Web/AzureSearch.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Storage/AzureBlobStorage.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Storage/AzureQueueStorage.puml


Person(user, "User")

Container(spa, "Single-Page App", "Angular, JS")
AzureWebApp(webApp, "Web & API App", "ASP.NET Core MVC 2.1, C#", "Delivers the SPA and provides RESTful web APIs which are consumed from the SPA")
AzureCDN(cdn, "CDN", "Akamai S2", "caches publicly available content for lower latency and faster delivery of content")

AzureBlobStorage(staticBlobStorage, "Static Content", "General Purpose v2, Hot, LRS")

AzureQueueStorage(queue, "Queue", "General Purpose v2, LRS")
AzureSearch(search, "Search Index", "Standard S1", "provides search suggestions, fuzzy search, and language-specific search, consolidates a single search index from multiple data stores")
AzureRedisCache(redisCache, "Cache", "Standard C2")

AzureCosmosDb(cosmosDb, "Document DB", "SQL API, 400 RUs")
AzureSqlDatabase(sqlDb, "SQL DB", "Standard S3")

AzureWebApp(webJob, "Web Job", "WebJobs SDK v3, C#", "runs long-running tasks in the background")

Rel(user, spa, "Uses", "HTTPS")
Rel(user, webApp, "Uses", "HTTPS")
Rel(user, cdn, "Uses", "HTTPS")

Rel_Neighbor(spa, webApp, "Uses", "JSON, HTTPS")
Rel_Back_Neighbor(spa, webApp, "Delivers")

Rel_Neighbor(cdn, staticBlobStorage, "Reads from")

Rel(webApp, queue, "Puts background jobs into")
Rel(webApp, sqlDb, "Reads from and writes to", "ADO.NET")
Rel(webApp, cosmosDb, "Reads from and writes to", "SQL API")
Rel(webApp, redisCache, "Reads from and writes to")
Rel(webApp, search, "Reads from")

Rel_U(webJob, queue, "Gets next job from")
Rel_U(webJob, sqlDb, "Reads from and writes to", "ADO.NET")
Rel_U(webJob, cosmosDb, "Reads from and writes to", "SQL API")
Rel_U(webJob, redisCache, "Reads from and writes to")

Rel_Back_Neighbor(cosmosDb, search, "Builds index from")
Rel_Neighbor(search, sqlDb, "Builds index from")

Lay_D(search, webJob)

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!includeurl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/RicardoNiepel/C4-PlantUML/master/C4_Container.puml

!define AzurePuml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/RicardoNiepel/Azure-PlantUML/master/dist
!includeurl AzurePuml/AzureCommon.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Compute/AzureFunction.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Analytics/AzureStreamAnalytics.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Analytics/AzureEventHub.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Databases/AzureCosmosDb.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/Storage/AzureBlobStorage.puml
!includeurl AzurePuml/InternetOfThings/AzureIoTHub.puml


System(devices, "Devices")

AzureIoTHub(iotHub, "IoT Hub", "Standard S1", "Ingress point for all telemetry, using built-in IoT Hub Routes for routing")

AzureEventHub(eventHubTelemetry, "Device Telemetry", "Standard, 5 TUs, 4 Partitions", "In addition to the built-in 'Receive device-to-cloud messages' from IoT Hub")
AzureFunction(telemetryFunction, "Telemetry Processing", "v1, App Service plan P3v2, C#", "transform it into a different format, e.g. joining external information")
AzureCosmosDb(warmStorageCosmos, "Warm Storage", "2,000 RUs", "for consumption, e.g. display on a dashboard")

AzureStreamAnalytics(streamAnalytics, "Stream Analytics", "6 SUs", "apply complex queries over time periods, tolerates late (up to 21 days) and out-of-order (up to one hour) events")
AzureFunction(alertingFunction, "Alerting", "v2, Consumption plan, JS")

AzureBlobStorage(coldBlobStorage, "Cold Storage", "General Purpose v2, Cool, RA-GRS", "all incoming data records are archived indefinitely at low cost, and are easily accessible for batch processing")

Rel(devices, iotHub, "Send telemetry to")

Rel(iotHub, eventHubTelemetry, "Routes all telemetry to")
Rel_Back(iotHub, streamAnalytics, "Analyzes each event from")
Rel(iotHub, coldBlobStorage, "Routes all telemetry to")

Rel_Back(eventHubTelemetry, telemetryFunction, "Processes each event from")
Rel(streamAnalytics, alertingFunction, "Triggers for output batches to")

Rel(telemetryFunction, warmStorageCosmos, "Writes all transformed events to")

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!define SPRITESURL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rabelenda/cicon-plantuml-sprites/v1.0/sprites
!includeurl SPRITESURL/tomcat.puml
!includeurl SPRITESURL/kafka.puml
!includeurl SPRITESURL/java.puml
!includeurl SPRITESURL/cassandra.puml
!includeurl SPRITESURL/python.puml
!includeurl SPRITESURL/redis.puml

title Cloudinsight sprites example

skinparam monochrome true

rectangle "<$tomcat>\nwebapp" as webapp
queue "<$kafka>" as kafka
rectangle "<$java>\ndaemon" as daemon
rectangle "<$python>\ndaemon2" as daemon2
database "<$cassandra>" as cassandra
database "<$redis>" as redis

webapp -> kafka
kafka -> daemon
kafka -> daemon2
daemon --> cassandra
daemon2 --> redis

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